Simulated date sex

Did they cook that up with special effects somehow, or are those actually real?

And when the movie ends and those words scroll up the screen, is the actual surface of the television moving upwards? Is that what the whole "Please be kind, rewind" phrase I've heard here and there refers to?

And I bet any hint that real sex took place on a non-porno shoot for one of those films would have huge consequences for all involved. I've got some related questions that might fit with this thread: In some of the same shows referenced above, some of the females have breasts the size of Cadillacs. On lots of other movies on Cimemax characters get killed in some way. What about when, say, aliens or robots or dragons or whatever are moving around on the screen...

There's a beautiful beach, nice gym and many other things to do.

Those late night porn segments on Cinemax show naked bodies in various positions, ostensibly having sex.

Cinemax films are all about the surface appearance of simulating sex, the play of naked bodies on one another.

That calls for an entirely different mode of filmmaking than a one-take, low-fi blowjob.

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Remember that in a real movie, as opposed to porn, a single sexy scene can take a day or more to shoot.

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